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Are you struggling to outsmart your competition and grow an online business that makes you serious money? I’ve built dozens; enough to know what works and what don’t.

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Little about me

A Serial Entrepreneur Who Does Wonders

Howdy there, this is Habibur Rahman, a serial online entrepreneur with multiple successful milestones passed. I’ve been building businesses and helping others do the same for over 8 years now.

Started out as a successful YouTube marketer, I settled as an SEO and helping people ever since. Being a successful SEO that I am, I’ve gathered some rare knowledge of growing and scaling businesses from pennies to millions for years.

If you want my definition, I’m a deadly combination of:


I don’t work with pressure because I do the things I love. And the thing I love the most is crafting killer SEO strategies.


Every time I see a business take off with my strategies, I just can’t take my butt off my chair because I’m planning another.


Some say, I’m gifted with knowledge, but I see it as a process of the vision I’ve seen years ago. To build businesses.

Get to Know
My Family of Brands

Feeling overwhelmed by marketing tasks? No worries! We have the perfect solution to simplify your efforts and deliver exceptional results across all our sister concerns.


AI Buster

1K Articles in 1 Click
Automatically Publish & Schedule.
SEO Optimized Articles.


Explainer Video Editing
SaaS Product Videos
Promotional Videos

Hybrid Blog

Programmatic SEO Blogging
CSV Data To Articles
Million Articles Within a Short Time


What I Do The Best

I'm like a digital wizard, using my magic to make websites and online stuff awesome.
Here's a peek into my magical toolbox:

global search

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine you're playing hide and seek, but online. SEO is my secret trick to make sure my team gets found first. It's like being the best at hide and seek on the internet.

web design 01

Website Management

I've worked on tons of blogs and business sites, making them look cool and work smoothly. Think of it like building and taking care of a digital treehouse where everyone wants to hang out.

task daily 01

Project Management

I juggle a bunch of SEO projects, both big and small. It's like being the captain of a ship, making sure we sail smoothly and reach our treasure destinations on time.

quill write 02

Content Marketing

I know some secret spells to make YouTube channels grow super fast. It's like sharing my potion recipes to help others become famous wizards too.

elements 30

WordPress Development

With WordPress, which is a tool to make websites, I'm always learning new tricks to make the websites even cooler. Imagine always finding new secret levels in your favorite video game.

adobe illustrator

AI Auto Blogging

I use AI, which is like a robot brain, to make blogging super easy and fast. Imagine having a robot buddy who does your homework but for blogs.

elements 31

Shopify Store Management

I manage online stores on Shopify, making sure they're super successful. Think of it as being the boss of a virtual mall where everyone loves to shop.

unlink 03

PR & HARO Link Building

I use special techniques to get more people to visit our sites. It's like being the most popular kid in school, and everyone wants to hang out with you.


SaaS Development

I create online tools that everyone can use, kind of like inventing new games or apps that make people's lives easier.

co present

Social Media Marketing

I'm great at using social media to make things popular. It's like knowing the best way to tell a story online that gets everyone excited and talking.

4 Simple Steps

Rank Better With My SEO Strats

It takes only 4 steps to rank better and dominate the SERP.



Sorting things in place with goals and obstacles is the first step towards better ranking



Planning the content, growth, and authority is where you get clarity of how to do things



With a robust plan in place, impossibles become easy things when it’s execution time



Forecasting results, getting the fruit on the plate, and planning ahead is what’s next

My Work Process

How I Get Things Done

Here’s the process that I follow to handle
projects of any size; small or big:

Understanding The Needs

I start by analyzing the current stats and understanding the goals of the project. This helps me plan better and forecast with certainty that the steps we’ll take can out-do the competition.

work process icon 1
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Execution And Testing

Then it comes to the execution phase where I test different things before reporting one killer move that can do magic to dominate the industry you’re trying to crush with better offers.

work process icon 2

Planning The Best Strategy

Once I have the weaknesses and strengths laid out, alongside the goals for the project, I tailor a killer strategy that is not only better than competition, but also future proof by itself.

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My Latest Blogs

Follow my blog to know what’s working
and my latest knowledge base.

Contact Me

Let’s Get In Touch

Need assistance in building a strategy? Contact me to discuss a project.

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